Lyrics of Hamein Itna Pyar – Boondh – A Drop of Jal

Song: Hamein Itna Pyar
Artist/Band: Jal the Band
Album: Boondh – A Drop of Jal

Hamein itna pyaar na karo ke hum mar jaayein
Hamein itna tanha na karo ke ji na paayein

Koi dil ka qaraar jaane na
Koi mann ki yeh baat bataaye na
Koi aankhon hi aankhon mein keh de yeh baat
Ho ho
Chal chalein uss paar, jahaan koi na ho
Sab khushiyaan hon paas, sitam na ho
Aur sitaaron se karte rahein hum baat.

Kya yehi hai khataa pyaar maine kiya 
Ab yun na sataa o mere piya
Tu hi mera dildaar tu dil ka qaraar
Nahin iss baat se mujhe koi inkaar

Kabhi kabhi tum yaad aatey ho toh dil bhar aaye
Yeh kaisa hai khumaar jo kum na ho aur barhta jaaye

Hooo ho……

Dekha hai har mausam teri aankhon mein
Beeta hai har lamha teri saanson mein
Yeh saansein toh teri amaanat hain
Ho ho
Kuchh ajab hai yeh haal mere seene mein
Haan par sur hai aur taal mere jeevan mein
Bas issi jeevan se hai mujhe thoda pyaar
Teri aahat hai sarsaraahat hai
Kucch aur nahi yeh chaahat hai
Nainon se nainon ko tak ke phir
Tumhein aankhein churaane ki aadat hai

Hamein itna pyaar (itna pyaaaaar) na karo ke hum mar jaayein
ke hum mar jaayein
Hamein itna tanha na karo ke ji na paayein (ke ji na paayein)

hooo hooooooo

Hamein itna pyaar (itna pyaar) na karo ke hum mar jaayein
Ke hum mar jaayein

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36 responses to “Lyrics of Hamein Itna Pyar – Boondh – A Drop of Jal”

  1. varun says :

    Hi guys, whether u belive or not this song is one of the most amazing wonderful song that i have ever heard

  2. Rajat jaswal says :

    Amazing song….beautiful lyrics..

  3. tanmoy mukherjee says :

    guys….this is a magical song really…..goher ur voice is really amazing……especially in dis song….plz work on this kind of song more…it really touches the heart…….goher ur guitar playing is no doubt amazing…u r ma idol……and in this song u have proved dat ur vocal skill is also mind blowing…..
    once again i wanna thank….”JAL-THE BAND”…

  4. shane says :

    This is a song direct frm heart gud wrk

  5. Senthil Kumar says :

    This song is so so well sung! Can make one cry!

  6. wasim says :

    So Awesome
    try to learn from jal
    our indian music are so discusting of what

  7. Mathai George Thekumootil Kutty says :

    Wasim .. fuck u paki faggot cunt. Stop trying and leaving comments pretending to be an indian.
    1. Learn to spell.
    2. Keep your comments to yourself. We do not need to learn from shits like you. Your music does not sell in your country. So you promote it here/
    3.Fuck off

    • Tina Thomas says :

      Everyone is free to express their opinions. This song is too good, and music shudn’t be restricted by borders. That’s why Jal is so popular here in India. Way to go, Jal!!

  8. garima says :

    dis is song is simply fantabuluos…

  9. Sarah says :

    I LOVED this song…..!

  10. buzo says :

    the lyrics of this song toush ur heart…my boyfrend dedicated this song to me to show me howw he feels…..i call him blacky fondly and wanna thank him for loving me soo much and showing it through this song

  11. Shidush says :

    dis is srsly d st song frm boondh… den 2nd cms ‘kya se kya’ n den ‘chup chup’ or ‘sajni’ or ‘payal’ d slw version of dis song is gr8 as wel, dint bore me out dt fast!!! go jal!!!

  12. ezzy says :


    does anyone have the translation of this song??

    • cutiee says :

      humein itna pyaar na karo ke…hum mar jayen….humein itna tanha na karo ke jee na payen……i dedicate this fucking song to u..dear
      frm malaysia.!

  13. ravi rathnakar says :

    awesome n very gd song listen to it u vl definitely fal in love

  14. najam says :

    ur song is 2 gud keep it up

  15. rahit(facebook) says :

    i lov it so much this song is make me emotional kep it up

  16. dakshita says :

    dis song is vry hrt touvchin
    i jst love it

  17. cutiee says :

    oooooooo!!!! iT wAs a mArVeLlOuS jErK FoR mE…..nOw I cAn bElIeV tHaT yEs…..tHeRe’S sUmThInG cAlLeD “love”……!!!!!!

  18. ramesg says :

    lyrics of this song is amazing luv this song

  19. N3HA says :

    Well its 1 of d most soulful song…really amazin…
    sum1 jz recomended dis song 2 me & it ws worth listening…!!!

  20. Fariha says :

    I love you guyzzzzzzz!!!!!!! Muaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh! 🙂 ❤
    AWESOME song!!!!!!

  21. Nouman Niazi says :

    I love This song…………………………….

  22. vaishnavi says :

    i m dedicating dis song to my ….

  23. risad says :

    tooo good 🙂

  24. risad says :

    too good 🙂

  25. Maheen says :

    I dedicated this song to my love….he inturn, wrote me a long cute love letter while listening to this song<3 this song made his eyes water. Its such a deep song. Especially the slower version.
    I love you Daniyal.

  26. TARIQ MUNEER says :

    awesome song …………………plz make this kind of song ………JAL THE BAND………… @14

  27. Niha says :

    This is awesome song.. I love it…! I love the singer…..ur voice is so sweet.. M in. love witb u… Ye ehsase tho teri amnat hai..

  28. vishal romero says :

    ohhh awesome feeling… this is the only thing which I lyk about these Pakistanies…

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